Essie – Picked Perfect

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Today, I have a quick review of a classy nude brown shade nail polish that’s perfect for winter.
(I forgot to apply a base coat today, so my nails look very dry. The stripes in the pictures are due to my dry nails, not because of the quality of the product.)


Based on the description on Essie’s website, Picked Perfect is a camel brown shade with hint of red violet. Since it has a mixture of different shades, it looks a bit different under different lighting.


Since it has a hint of brown, it feels more heavy (deep) and classy than light nude beige shades. Because of that, I think it’s a great shade to balance out glam makeup for the party season.

What’s your favorite nude nail polish?



Stay BeYOUtiful ♥

14 thoughts on “Essie – Picked Perfect

  1. learningswithlittlefoot says:

    This is great! When I paint my nails it looks like I attempted a really poorly thought out murder..

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