[Review] Nars – Creamy Radiant Concealer

Today, I have a review on a creamy radiant concealer from Nars. I bet many of you already tried it out or at least heard about this. So many people raved about this concealer all over the internet and social media! Since I have many acne spots and hyperpigmentation, I had to try this one … Continue reading [Review] Nars – Creamy Radiant Concealer


Sephora Favorites – Draw the Line (Limited Edition)

As a girl, you often run into financial/budgeting issues with the skincare/makeup products that you purchase. Especially if you are a beginner or haven't tried out a variety of different brands and their products, it'll be harder for you to decide what product you should actually purchase. For me, picking the right eyeliner was the … Continue reading Sephora Favorites – Draw the Line (Limited Edition)

[Beauty 101] Whatโ€™s in My School/Work Makeup Pouch? (Mid-semester updated)

Hope everyoneโ€™s having a great semester so far! Can you believe that itโ€™s almost half way through the semester? And now the season has changed to beautiful autumn. Along with the season change and the heavy school/work load, I bet your makeup bag content has changed as well. Hereโ€™s what I always keep in my … Continue reading [Beauty 101] Whatโ€™s in My School/Work Makeup Pouch? (Mid-semester updated)