Spring Pink Shadows (Maybelline vs Loreal)

Hey all 🙂

Many of you asked me what’s the best drug store pink eyeshadow for Spring! I know there are tons of amazing eyeshadows, but since most of you wanted to see reviews of Maybelline’s color tattoo eyeshadows, and Loreal’s Infallible 24 hr eyeshadows, I picked ‘Inked in Pink’ from Maybelline and ‘Always Pearly Pink’ from Loreal.


Left – Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Inked in Pink’; Right – Loreal Infallible 24 HR shadow in ‘Always Pearly pink’

Let’s see which one is a better  🙂
Price:Based on ULTA:
Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows – $6.99
Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows – $7.99

Both of them are cream shadows, but it actually feels quite different.
Loreal one has more of a powdery finish. Therefore, it feels lighter and not sticky at all, which makes it very easy to apply and also blend out evenly only with fingers.
Maybelline one has more of a cream concealer-like texture. Compare to the Loreal one, it’s more dewy and sticky. Unlike the Loreal one, you will need to warm it up with your fingers for about 3-10 sec to make it easier to apply & blend out. Otherwise, it might be hard to blend out, and it could clump up or crease.


NO FLASH;       Maybelline – swatched once -> twice;       Loreal – swatched once -> 3 times

Colors are quiet different. Maybelline one is more of a tone down pink with a metallic finish. Loreal one is closer to pale/pastel pink with silver shimmers. Because of the silvery shimmers, Loreal one looks more white under bright lights.
Since the Loreal one is pretty sheer/pale, I usually apply this in the inner corners, under eye area, or all over the lids. Maybelline one is more pigmented and has little bit of reddish undertone. Because of the reddish undertone, it could make your eye look sick/ swollen if you use it by itself. Therefore, I usually tone it down by applying a thin layer of brown shadow near eyelash line for a more natural look. This shade really goes well with any type of brown or deep burgundy!


WITH FLASH;      Maybelline – swatched once -> twice;       Loreal – swatched once -> 3 times

Both of them lasted almost all day long even without a eyeshadow primer!!
Since both of them work pretty well by themselves, I usually don’t use a primer underneath them.
I sometimes do apply a primer before the Loreal one, however, I almost never apply a primer underneath the Maybelline one. Since Maybelline one is a little hard to apply a nice thin and even layer because of its texture, applying a primer makes it crease much easily.


Overall… I like them both! I love colors of both shadows!
These days, I usually apply the Loreal one all over the lids, inner corners, and 1/3 of under eye areas. Then, I apply the Maybelline one on the 1/3 of the crease area, and do a gradation with a deep brown eyeshadow. They goes really well together! Texture-wise, I prefer the Loreal one.
If you want a vibrant and more pigmented pink shade, I’d recommend the Maybelline one.
If you want to try out a pink shade, but afraid that it might not match with your skin tone, I’d recommend the Loreal one.

What’s your favorite pink eyeshadow??

Thank you for reading, and

Stay beYOUtiful ♥

12 thoughts on “Spring Pink Shadows (Maybelline vs Loreal)

  1. seam31 says:

    What’s the best pink if you have fair, pinkish toned lids? Some shadows are so close to my skintone that they don’t look like I’ve applied any makeup at all.

  2. kalsoomchachar1 says:

    the loreal eyeshadows are so pigmented. but they are a little expensive for a drug store brand.

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