[Review] Etude House – Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk

Today, I’ll do a review on the newly released Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk from Etude House. Etude House released these lipsticks for their 10 year celebration. It’s also known as Joy’s lipstick. I received these lipsticks in the Pink Box in October. For a more detailed review, I used these products for about a month.

I got the lipsticks in shade PK 004 and RD 303.
These are the main colors in each pink and red line. Btw, isn’t the packaging just adorable?


In the picture, the one on the left is PK004 and the one on the right is RD 303.

Let’s start with the formula.
The formula of this lipstick is so so great. It’s very moisturizing, buttery, and silky. It glides on so so smoothly and evenly! Also, since the formula is quite moisturizing, it doesn’t dry out my lips. If you have super dry and easily chapping lips, this is the formula that you’ll want to try out.

Pigmentation is decent.PK004 is a pretty light shade. Therefore, you need to apply it about 3 – 4 times to get the full color, while RD 303 is a highly pigmented red shade which only required ~2 applications for the full effect.


In the picture below, I applied PK004 for 3 ~ 4 times, and 2 times for the RD 303.


PK004 is a coral pink shade. But once I swatched it on my skin, I realized that this one has a stronger coral base than pink. So, if you have a warm skin tone where pink usually doesn’t look good on you, this might be the one that’ll work pretty well on your skin tone.


As I mentioned earlier,PK004 is a pretty light shade. Therefore, the color might not show up enough if you have a darker natural lip color. For me, I have a pretty dark natural lip color, so the color payoff wasn’t great. But still, it’s very moisturizing and gives a hint of natural pink, I use it often as a daily tinted lip balm. If you have darker lips, this will be good as a tinted lip balm.


RD 303 really is an interesting color. Depending on different angles and lighting, the color looks different. The main color is deep red with pink undertone. Since it’s a deep red, I expected it to have pretty low saturation, but the color actually looks more like a water-color red. So, it’s more like a clear watery red. Since it has a pink undertone, when I used only a little bit on the inner lips for a gradation effect, it looked more like a fuschia pink instead of a deep red.


To see whether it stains, I gently removed the lipsticks with a tissue. As you can see, PK004 didn’t stain at all, while RD 303 left behind a little bit of stain. When I tried to remove these with lip and eye makeup remover, they were cleanly removed, without leaving any stain.

Overall, I thought it was a great product for natural, daily makeup, and especially for people who have extremely dry lips.
People who are a fan of matte lips may not like this product, and for people who have a darker natural lip color, it would be a good idea to tone down your lip color with concealer or a foundation before applying this for better color payoff.

What’s your current favorite lipsticks?


Stay BeYOUtiful ♥

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