[Review] Urban Decay – Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay launched a brand new palette!!




I purchased it from Sephora right after it came out. So I’ve been using this palette for about 2 months now.




I personally think that this palette has the best packaging out of the entire Naked collection.

The packaging represents the concept really well.




As the name suggests, the palette includes 12 fiery red shades.




In terms of the size, the new palette is about the same size as all the other Naked palettes. However, the new one is much thicker than the original palette.




The palette has a good combination of matte and shimmer shadows.

I think Urban Decay improved their eyeshadow formula. Each shadow feels very creamy and soft.

I do think that there are quite a few similar mid-tone shades. But if you look at the palette closely, this really is a versatile palette.

By using the first few shades, you can create an easy everyday look.
If you incorporate one or two shades from the far-right side, you can create a smoky look.
Also, all the glittery shades are gorgeous to pack on the eyelids.




And most importantly, the pigmentation definitely was there. Except for the 2 last shades, all the other shades went on beautifully even with a finger. The last shade is a duo-chrome one. I highly recommend you do get a little help from a setting spray to achieve a full duo-chrome effect.




I created the following look by using shade #1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9 on the upper lid, and #4 and 5 on the lower lash line.




I honestly think that this is a great palette. I do agree with people that they are many warm palettes on the market currently. However, most of those warm palettes include neutral, orange, burgundy, or pink shades. Yes, since they’re all warm shades, there definitely are overlapping shades. But this one includes a good range of fiery red shades that you didn’t see from many palettes before.

If you think you can get away with the palettes that you already own, you can skip this one. Instead, you can purchase a couple single red shadows and create a similar look. However, if you want something unique/different from a typical warm palette, this product definitely is worth the splurge.


What is your current favorite summer palette?

Comment down below if you know a good dupe for this palette!


And until the next post,



3 thoughts on “[Review] Urban Decay – Naked Heat Palette

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    Gorgeous palette. Your pictures are the first to actually draw me into see more of this palette. I don’t own ANY of the UD Naked palettes (I know, I’m just not a high-end person but I do own a few high-end products). Anyway, is this palette permanent in the collection? Because I’m thinking I may get it in the future. It has some red shades that I’m drawn to and don’t own of any palettes.

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