[Review] Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream (Cover & Bright Fit)

Etude House (www.etudehouse.com) upgraded their popular Precious Mineral BB Cream. They supplemented the coverage and released an upgraded version as “Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit.”


I tried out this BB cream in the shade ‘W 13 Natural Beige’ for about a month. Let’s see whether this renewed BB cream is as good as it claims.

Before I start, here’s a brief description about my skin condition.

  • Overall: Dry – Extremely dry and sensitive
  • T-zone: slightly oily
  • Hormonal acne
  • Skin tone: 2nd lightest shade (from Light, or the lightest shade of Medium) with warm undertone
  • Main concerns: hyperpigmentation, redness, pores


First of all, I liked how tiny the opening was, because that made it very easy to control the amount of product dispersed.


The texture is like a typical BB cream. It wasn’t too liquidy nor thick. Compared to the premium BB cream from Hanskin (Link for the review: Hanskin – Premium BB cream review ) that I did a review on earlier, this one has a lighter, more liquidy texture.

Since it’s more on the liquidy side, it goes on very smoothly and it was easy to apply in thin layers.

Unlike the original precious BB cream, it goes on slightly matte/powdery!

Even the name claims that it has good coverage, so let’s test that really quick.

I’d say that the coverage is medium for a single application. But this product is definitely buildable, so it could give really high coverage by applying multiple thin layers. Since the product is very light and slightly liquidy, it didn’t look cakey even after multiple layers of it.

I’ll show it on my skin. I just finished a skin care routine using the collagen skin care set that I did a review on last month.

As you can see, I have many spots with hyperpigmentation and redness, which are my major concerns these days.


Since I have extremely dry skin, I always try to be extra careful when applying base products. My strategy is making as many small dots as possible, and spreading the product by thinly connecting the dots. After applying a thin layer in this manner, I apply small amount of product on the spots where I need more coverage. The key thing is that you apply with a ‘dabbing motion,’ not with the typical ‘spreading’ motion. Dabbing motions provide more coverage.


Here’s the final look! Can you tell the difference?


I was very impressed with the coverage. It covers up both the hyperpigmentation and redness really well.
I did not apply pore primer, but the product didn’t sink into the pores, which was also impressive.
Also, as the name suggests, it does brighten the skin and evens out the skin tone. It gives a very natural glow, but it doesn’t look greasy at all. The finish is slightly on the matte/powdery side. Therefore, with a thin layer of loose powder, it lasted a good 4 hours without correcting makeup.

Though it has a slightly powdery finish, it wasn’t drying at all on my skin.

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What’s your favorite BB cream?


Stay BeYOUtiful ♥

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