Sally Hansen – Bitter Sweet

Today, I have a quick review on my current favorite nail polish from Sally Hansen!!!


As the weather gets colder, I’ve started to wear darker colored clothing as well as nail polish. For a long time, I looked for the perfect classic deep brown shade for autumn and winter.
Then… my mom suggested this product which I instantly fell in love with.


The name ‘Bitter Sweet’ reminds me of dark chocolate, and the actual color also is like a dark, espresso chocolate. It’s a deep brown shade that looks good with any outfit or styling.


The only downside of this product is that it chips off pretty easily. When using this product, please make sure that you use a top coat!!! Otherwise, it might not even last a day.


Stay BeYOUtiful ♥


10 thoughts on “Sally Hansen – Bitter Sweet

  1. thehipandthrifty says:

    I like that one…it’s just before black, so it’s edgy but not full-on Goth. Your mom knows her nail products! 🙂

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