Unboxing Etude House’s Pink Box + reviews

Happy Monday everyone! I have great news to share! I was lucky enough to be selected for the Pink Bird program from Etude House (http://www.etudehouse.com/). Every month, I’ll receive a box of great products from Etude House for free! Whenever I unbox these, I’ll do a blog post about it and will also write a short review or comment on my first impression of each item in the box. Etude House is one of my favorite makeup brand. I love how their makeup product are very affordable yet are good quality, and their cute packaging makes them even better. I’m very excited to share about the items that I’ll be receiving! KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-06-06-04-14-39 *DISCLAIMER* 

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I usually use each product for at least a month before I review them. Again for these products, I’ll post detailed reviews once I use them for about a month or two. And I PROMISE that I’LL ALWAYS BE HONEST WITH MY OPINIONS ON ANY ITEM WHEN REVIEWING. Even though I get these products from Etude House for free, if I like it, I’ll tell you that I like it; if I don’t like it, I’ll tell you that I don’t like it and why I don’t like it. 


Alright, let’s start with the very first pink box that I received from Etude House last month.

I actually received this box a day before I came to the Gambia. Therefore, even though I opened it about a month ago, I didn’t get to review it until recently. In the May Pink Bird box, it has their famous Play 101 eyeliner in #48, best-selling Precious Mineral cushion foundation, facial mask, and a popular lip tint in shade OR201 .

Let’s go through these items quickly.

IMG_6407 First, I’ve used this lip tint for about 3 weeks now, and I love it. I read good reviews on Etude House’s lip tints before, so I’ve always wanted to try it. IMG_6408 I got the shade in Soft Pink. When I swatched it on my hand, it looked like a baby pink, however when I applied on my lips, it gave a very nice and natural looking peachy pink shade. It goes on very naturally — it doesn’t even look like you applied any makeup! (IN A GOOD WAY). It looks so natural, it looks like your natural lip color, but still makes it look gorgeous and gives a little bit of moisture as well. This natural color reminded me of Dior Lip Glow.IMG_6409 IMG_6410 Etude House’s cushion foundation was one of the bestselling cushion foundations last year! Therefore, I always wanted to try these. The one that I received is the renewal version, which has a brightening effect. I’ve used this for about 2 weeks now, and I like it. For this one, I’ll definitely do a more detailed review to go through all various aspects, such as coverage, lasting, brightening, darkening, oil-control, etc. IMG_6412  I was very excited to try out the Play 101 pencil as well! Those were everywhere on the internet earlier this year! I got it in shade #48. It’s a nice, warm brown shade with gorgeous gold shimmers. It’s very creamy and goes on smoothly. It’s great for daily use.


Lastly, there was a facial sheet mask. I used it on the night that I arrived to the Gambia. My flight was too long and exhausting, and I was able to tell that my skin dried out. I used this before I went to bed that night, and my skin fell so much more hydrated and refreshed.

Pink Bird New logo Let me know if you guys want to see a detailed review of any of these items!

Or are there any products that you’ve already tried? If so, what did you think about them?

Thank you for reading, and

Stay BeYoutiful ♥

13 thoughts on “Unboxing Etude House’s Pink Box + reviews

      • Jessica Moffitt says:

        Can’t wait to hear all about it! Will you blogging about your trip? I leave Malaysia in 5 days 😦 then heading back to the U.S. To work for about a month. Then hopefully depart for Korea late August but that depends on the VISA process :/ otherwise November if it doesn’t work out.

      • amorebeyoutifulyou says:

        I’ll be! I’ve been too busy with research and work 😦 Hopefully I’ll have more time to blog next week to start posting about my experience in the Gambia. Awwww okay. Hope you have great last 5 days in Malaysia!

  1. Paro says:

    Love the lip tints from Etude House. I have been looking for dupes ever since I tried it. Gonna check out Dior’s lip glow xx

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