DIY Easy room decor idea for Independence Day!

Independence Day is in 2 weeks, and if you need a quick and cheap way to decorate your room for it, here’s how!



Materials: I got all these from Walmart, and each item was less than $3!

– Fake flowers

– Colored rocks/aquarium stones

– Any vase you like!

Since this is for Independence Day, I’ll use red, yellow, purple, and dark pink.

1. Arrange the flowers so they look the way you want them to look in the vase.

2. Cut the excess part of the stem that you don’t want since the flower stems might be too long. Please be careful when you do this! Some flowers might have a metal stick underneath the plastic, so it might break your scissors. My tip is to carefully cut the green plastic area first, then bend the metal stick back and forth repeatedly until it breaks. It breaks easily if you repeat this for about 5-6 times.

3. Put a little bit of colored rocks in the bottom.

4. Place the flowers in the vase and arrange the flowers.

5. Fill up the vase with rocks.


YAY! Done!

So simple, right?
This is such an easy and cheap project, yet adds a nice accent to your room! And there are endless variations you could do!

Stay beYOUtiful 

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12 thoughts on “DIY Easy room decor idea for Independence Day!

  1. coralsandpaisley says:

    I have some fake flowers in a box where I used during my wedding table display for a competition and now it’s just still in the box haha. So ideas like these is awesome so I know what to do with them. And it does look great for decoration!

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