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Good afternoon everyone! 🙂

I have a quick review on my current everyday favorite item, blotting papers! I bet blotting papers are a must-have item for many of you, especially in the summer. For me, I generally don’t use blotting papers because I have extremely dry skin. However, since I knew that I’d be spending my summer in the Gambia, I got these blotting papers in May when it was on sale on Sephora’s website.

FullSizeRender 2

Each pack includes 100 sheets of blotting papers. Originally, it cost $10/pack, but it was only $5/pack when it was on sale. I got one pack in vitamin C and the other one in lavender. the vitamin C one didn’t smell like anything to me, but the lavender one has a nice hint of soft lavender scent. I personally love floral and lavender scents, so I love how it leaves a nice lavender scent on my face whenever I use it. However, if you are sensitive to scents, make sure you try it before purchasing.

In the Gambia, temperatures go up to ~110 these days, so I get sweaty and my skin will be oily all day long. Also, many roads are not paved. Therefore, by the time I get to work, my skin will have tons of dust on it. It really comes in handy to carry these blotting papers with me and use them throughout the day. It does a good job of absorbing oils and removing some dirt/dust on my skin. One sheet is generally enough to blot my entire face.

Also, considering that even drug store brand products are priced around $5 or higher, I find that purchasing a pack of these for $5 through Sephora is a pretty good deal.

Quick makeup tip!
Try to blot after your skin care routine before applying base products!
This will control oil better and will help your makeup to last longer.

What’s your favorite blotting papers?

Stay BeYOUtiful ♥

21 thoughts on “Sephora – Blotting Papers

  1. stashmatters says:

    I luuuurve blotting paper! I’ve tried so many and my favourites are Shiseido and Mary Kay! My skin isn’t super greasy but I like to de-shine before I touch up my powder or else my makeup can look cakey! Nice find at Sephora – something for less than $10 at Sephora is RARE! 😋

  2. Nelly Kitty says:

    I have to try those.
    A friend told me to when she spotted me cleaning my face with toilet paper during the day haha.

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