Clinique – Great Skin Home & Away Set For Dry Skin

Happy JUNE everyone!
Does everyone have any exciting plan for this summer? Going anywhere?

By now most of you might know that I came to the Gambia recently for my research. I brought many travel beauty sets and found them very useful.
So, for this week, I’ll do reviews on some of the great travel kits/sets that will be great for either/both short or long trip.

The very first one is a skincare set from Clinique.


Is any of you a fan girl of Clinique’s skincare products? Seriously, I’m a huge huge fan of skincare products from Clinique. Even though I have pretty sensitive skin along with some skin issues, there was not a single product from Clinique that disappointed me so far. So when I saw this set from Sephora, I got extremely excited!

**NOTE: It worked well on my family, my friends, and me. However, since everyone’s skin is DIFFERENT, it may not work as well as me on your skin! Make sure you test it before you purchase any!

Clinique released 2 versions of this set: #2 and #3. #3 is a line for normal to oily skin. On daily bases, I use skincare products from line #2, which is for dry to combination skin. (In Winter, my skin gets even drier. So, I use line #1, which is for very dry to dry skin.)


This set is really amazing for the price! It has a FULL SIZE cleanser, a FULL SIZE toner, and a FULL SIZE moisturizer along with mini/travel size products of each. And these come in a pretty large and super light see through pouch. All together, this set was only $66. If I get all these items separately, it would have costed much more.

Since I’ll be in the Gambia for a while, I needed both full size and travel size products. I put the full size ones in my luggage, and I put the mini ones in carry-on in case I might need to use them while traveling. Also, I found the pouch to be VERY useful when packing. It was big enough for me to put all the skin care products that I wanted to carry. It is so lightweight, and thin, it doesn’t take up much space or weight down your luggage – which is very important when traveling. Also, since it’s see-through, it’s very easy to find what you need without going through your entire luggage.

What’s your favorite traveling skincare set?


Stay BeYOUtiful ♥

9 thoughts on “Clinique – Great Skin Home & Away Set For Dry Skin

  1. JustJayBeauty says:

    I LOVE Clinique skin care, I really think they have some of the best formulated products on the market and without the extortionate prices of some lines. My favourites are from the Superdefense range. Jay x

  2. Lor @ Lovely & Cozy ♥ says:

    I love Clinique products as well! They’re the only product that work the best on my sensitive and dry skin. I guess you get what you pay for since some of their stuff tends to be a bit pricey, but I love it!

  3. rachelleramilo says:

    The moisturizer I use is from Clinique and it really works well in hydrating my skin. There are only few non-comedogenic moisturizers that I’ve tried and this is definitely one of them. 🙂

  4. ABeautifulWhim says:

    HI there. It’s really late so I just wanted to drop in and leave a short hello! I found your blog through Zovesta – Glamour Vortex on the Blog Tour as I had tagger her to do that. Anyhow, I’m a new blogger too and I like to follow those that my fellow trusted bloggers recommend. I’m Janine – nice to meet you and happy to connect. =)

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