[Review] ELF Liquid Eyeliner (Black & Brown)

I recently traveled to Chicago, but I forgot to bring my eyeliners with me =/ I made a quick trip to a nearby drug store and purchased some black and brown liquid eyeliners. I’ve never used liquid liners from ELF, but I’ve heard and read many good reviews of ELF’s gel liner. Unfortunately the drugstore … Continue reading [Review] ELF Liquid Eyeliner (Black & Brown)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Beauty items)

Hello my beautiful people~ Mother's Day is just around the corner! For those of you who still don't know what to get for Mother's Day (or Parents' Day, for those of you who are in other countries) or even for your mother's birthday, here are some ideas from what I got for my mom for the … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Beauty items)

[Review] Maybelline – Master Matte Blush Stick (Nars Dupe?)

Hello my lovely people~ Today, I have a short review on Maybelline's NEW MATTE blush stick in Golden Thorn. I bet most of you guys are familiar with the original master blush sticks from Maybelline. The originals were pretty popular, but those have shimmers. Since one of the most popular makeup trend of 2015 is having … Continue reading [Review] Maybelline – Master Matte Blush Stick (Nars Dupe?)