Salon Perfect – Eyelash Adhesive (Worst product!!!)

Who doesn’t want nice, thick, long lashes? I bet many of you wear sexy, long eyelashes on special days to enhance your gorgeous look. I recently purchased a set of fake eyelashes, and got this Salon Perfect’s eyelash adhesive for only half of its original price. I was so excited to try this out, but it turned out to be the worst eyelash adhesive ever, and it hurt my eyelids too.


For most of my reviews, I do swatches or demonstrations of the product. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do one for this one.
First of all, it gave me a burning sensation. The application method is the same as all other eyelash adhesives on the market. You apply a little bit and wait for a couple minutes for it to dry slightly, then put the eyelashes on your eyelid. About 30 seconds after I put the lashes on, my eyelids felt itchiness. Then, my eyelids started to heat up and hurt, feeling similarly to the burning sensation of an eye infection. The pain didn’t go away until about an hour after I took off the fake lashes. But then my eyelids became super sensitive, therefore I wasn’t able to put on any fake eyelashes or wear eye makeup for a couple days.

Also, this adhesive doesn’t work very well. It is not sticky enough, so the eyelashes do not stick to eyelids very well. My friend (who’s never had any sensitive eye issues) tried this product at the same time, and she also had a burning sensation and the lashes did not stick on her eyelids that well either.
Sorry, Salon Perfect, but this was the worst eyelash adhesive I’ve ever tried, and I’ll never purchase this product again.


Overall rating: ….. 0 out of 5.


Stay beYOUtiful ♥

23 thoughts on “Salon Perfect – Eyelash Adhesive (Worst product!!!)

  1. Sarah E. McCormick says:

    I have also tried this product in the past; it was the WORST eyelash adhesive I’ve ever used. I will stick to Revlon’s adhesive for the rest of my falsie days. Guaranteed. I’m sorry you had to experience this as well. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Also; I am someone who has to wear falsies everyday (long story…I have a post coming soon about it) and I have tried every brand of falsies and adhesive on the market. Trust me when I say – get the Revlon brand adhesive, and stick with it.

  2. Sheela Goh says:

    Oy. I feel for you. I’ve never worn falsies and, after reading this, I doubt I ever will 🙂 pack on the cucumber slices and camomile tea bags, poor you. I hope the eyelids recover soon.

  3. behappyxxx says:

    Burning sensation? That’s NOT good. I don’t even know how they came out with such a product. Well, at least now we all know not to buy it. But again, burning sensation?! Sooooo not good!

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