[Reivew] Stila – Holiday Value Set (Limited Edition)

It’s always good to purchase great products at a much lower price. But what’s even better, is if it’s limited edition 😉 Stila released a holiday special set of a pretty hair band, Deluxe Lip Glaze in Glamour, Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream blusher in the shade Tulip, and Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner in Purple Tang.

Not only is the set available for a limited time, but the shade of the blusher (Tulip) is as well.

Are they worth trying?

I’ll answer that below!

First, some of you might already know how good Stila’s eyeliner is. Just like all their other products, this liner was amazing. This shade is a deep purple shade. And it has stunning blue/purple shimmers. Yes, blue and purple shimmers. This color combination is amazingly gorgeous! The blue shimmers brighten the deep purple shade, and add a really pretty accent. It gives a similar effect as applying a thin layer of glitter near the eyeliner area. Though the shimmers are quite large, it glides on very smoothly. I applied this in the morning and by the end of the night, it did not smudge at all even though I did not use any primer. Since the color by itself is so exquisite, I apply this without any shadow, but it still makes for a stunning look. This is a must-have eyeliner for holiday party looks!!!! I’m already worrying about it running out haha ><


As I said earlier, the Tulip shade is offered only for a limited time. It’s a nice, cherry-red shade. Very Christmassy, right 😉 😉 ? It matches really well with the eyeliner. Also, I like how versatile it is. It can be used on both the cheeks and lips. It’s highly pigmented and very creamy. It’s very easy to apply and gives great color. Especially when the weather’s dry and cold, this type of creamy texture is much easier to apply and sets/sticks on your skin much better. The lip gloss also is a really gorgeous cherry red.

Seriously this set is amazing! I love all the colors! I’m already worrying about running out of these products since it’s only available for a limited time =(

What’s your favorite shade of eyeliner/blusher from Stila?

Stay beYOUtiful ♥


18 thoughts on “[Reivew] Stila – Holiday Value Set (Limited Edition)

  1. esrscreatives says:

    That convertible colour looks lovely! I’ve got one in the orange shade, think it’s gladiolia, or something, but that’s packed away for the moment for my spring/summer makeup wardrobe!

  2. thewherewithals says:

    Wow, that eyeliner is so unique! I wonder if one could recreate the effect with black eyeliner and a glittery dark blue shadow… Won’t be able to get my hands on Stila products before Christmas or New Year’s Eve 😦

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