Finals’ Week Beauty Essentials ♥

For some of you, I bet deadly final exams are coming up soon, right?

I know how intensely stressful finals week is =(  Most of you, especially those of you who are new to the makeup world, might be wondering how you can still look “beautiful” during the busiest time of the semester. It’s not hard at all as long as you know exactly what you need.

IMG_4971So, here’s my list of beauty items for finals week or your busiest times.

  1. Hand sanitizer – If you’ve read my previous beauty essentials posts, you know how much I value hygiene. Also, when you are stressed, it’s the easiest time for you to get sick. So, don’t forget to bring one with you all the time, and make sure you sanitize your hands before you apply/correct your makeup.
  2. Facial mists – All those all-nighters you pull will dry out your skin. Spraying facial mist will help hydrate and replenish your skin! And it only takes <10 sec to spray it! =) Easiest and fastest way to keep your skin flawless even during the finals week! (If you have dry/extremely dry skin, go for products that contain oil as well. It will seal in the water/moisture better)
  3. BB cream/Cushion foundations – I personally think that foundations don’t set very well when your skin is dry or rough (due to lack of sleep, stress, etc). If you still want your skin to look healthy and flawless, go for a BB cream or cushion foundation. Those are easier and faster to apply and will give you a natural look. Also, when picking a BB cream, pick one that’s hydrating and buildable, so it will set on your skin better and could also replace concealer and highlighter.
  4. Loose powder – While you are pulling all-nighters, your skin will produce excess oily around T zone and makeup will come off due to excess oils. Using loose powder will give you sheer coverage on the areas where your makeup came off and it will absorb the oil as well!
  5. Lip tints – Lip tints are must haves! Just like your skin, your lips will get drier as well. Lip Sticks are gorgeous, but just like foundations, they don’t set very well on dry lips. And I bet you won’t have enough time to moisturize, exfoliate, and take care of your lips. Lip tints are the best when your lips are chapped and you don’t have time to take care of them. Also, they’re very versatile. Most of these work as a blusher as well!! And some products can even be used as an eyeshadow.
  6. Lip balms – Moisturize your lips always.
  7. Pencil Eyeliner – You might be wondering why I specifically picked a pencil liner. That’s because it can replace an eyeshadow. Brighten up your eye area with little bit of BB cream -> draw a thick line on eyelid -> smudge it horizontally -> draw a line along your lash line. How simple is that? With just one pencil liner, you can have simple eyemakeup. Also, since the base color is the same as the eyeline color, if you are not good at drawing precise lines, it won’t look too obvious/bad.
  8. Travel sized dry shampoo – We all know how our hair gets oily and terrible the day after pulling an all-nighters…. This will help your hair look and smell nice even after all-nighters.

This is what I do: I sanitize my hands -> apply lip balm -> spray facial mists -> apply BB cream evenly -> apply BB cream on blemish spots (replace concealer) & the highlighting spots (replace highlighter) -> apply brown pencil eyeliner as a shadow -> draw a eye line tightly using the same product -> apply lip tints -> apply lip tints as a blusher -> set everything with loose powder

Done! It literally takes me less than 10 min to do all these!

Hope this easy trick will save you time during your rough weeks!

Good luck on your exams!! =D


Stay beYOUtiful ♥

11 thoughts on “Finals’ Week Beauty Essentials ♥

  1. Jasmine says:

    Facial mist! That is such a great idea, I will be using that next time I am sitting at my desk for hours on end, such a great way to refresh yourself 🙂 thanks for the post x

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