Sparkling iPhone 5/5s Case

Want to make your daily summer look more glamorous?

Put a glitter/bling case on your phone to add a nice hint of color and shine to your daily summer look!

I recently purchased a couple of sparkling hard cases for me and my sister’s iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s.


I purchased this item through Amazon. (Click here for the link: Sparkling iPhone Case) It comes in 9 different colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Green, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Red, and Baby Blue. Each case is only $2.29 with free shipping, and each order comes with front & back screen protectors and an anti-dust plug. A downside is that it took about 3 weeks for delivery.


We ordered a Pink one and a Baby blue one. Both of them look very close to the pictures on the link. The actual colors are just a little bit darker than the pictures. The case is light and not bulky. The frame is made out of clear plastic and fits perfectly on both the iPhone 5 and 5s. As shown in the picture, the edges of the glitter backing are lined with black. The glitter portion looks gorgeous. It looks so much better in person than in the pictures. It is very glittery and it shines beautifully at any angle. The glitter portion is made out of a fabric-like material that hasn’t been applied with any type of clear top coat, giving the case a fabric-like texture. Because the fabric is exposed, there is a chance that if you spill something or stain the glitter portion, it would be very difficult to remove.

IMG_2988The frame fully covers the two long sides of the phone. However, the case doesn’t cover the 4 corners up, which is not good for protection. (For good phone protection, the case should completely cover the corners of the phone, but this phone case only covers the sides of the phone, not the corners.) So don’t expect too much protection from this case.

However, this phone case is still very gorgeous and pretty, and it’s really good value. If you need some nice bling for your daily summer look, this is a must-have item. (8 out of 10)


Let me know if you know any other pretty phone cases with great value!


Stay beYOUtiful

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