[Beauty 101] Back to School Beauty Essentials/Basics!

Hello everyone~

It’s that time of the year, time to go BACK TO SCHOOL!

Some of you might be excited and some of you might be nervous and worried. For everyone who wants to look fabulous throughout the semester, I have a list of Back to School Makeup Essentials that you should check out 😉


It depends on what grade you are in, but soon or later, you’ll hit a point where you simply don’t have time to put perfectly glam and gorgeous makeup on in the morning. (For college students, that time might come a little too earlier than what you might expected.) But you don’t want to look like you just got out of bed, right? Finding and having good makeup products in your school pouches will save your life/time a lot. Here are the ones that saved my life, and with these, you can put simple and natural makeup on in less than 10 min in your car on your way to school, or even during the short breaks between classes.

**NOTE: The ones in RED are the MUST HAVES, and BLUE are RECOMMENDED, and GREEN are completely OPTIONAL

  1. Hand Sanitizer
    I know this is something that all of you already have in your backpack or purse. But I’ve seen people who just apply or correct their makeup without washing/cleaning their hands even though they have hand sanitizer with them. This is a very, very important step. Your skin is a lot weaker and sensitive than what you might think. It might not break out or cause any irritation now, but later on, it could build up and cause issues. So if you don’t have time/can’t go wash your hands before you touch your face, make sure you clean your hands with hand sanitizer.
  2. Depotted Moisturizer 
    Some of you might be wondering why this is important. There are two reasons: your school’s powerful AC might dry out your skin, and fall and winter are coming which are the driest seasons for your skin. If you have normal to oily skin, this won’t be a big deal, but if you are already on the drier side, you want to make sure that you keep your skin moisturized every single second. For me, I always depot a little bit of my daily moisturizer, lotion, or vaseline in a contact lense case. Then, whenever my skin feels dry or starts to become chapped, I apply it gently. Having good makeup is important, but the most important thing is that your skin is well cared for.
  3. Concealer
    Having a great concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and type could cut your makeup routine in half. This is a trick that I used when I had good skin. That was the time when I only had 1-2 pimples/month (due to periods) and no hyperpigmentations or acne scars. So I didn’t feel it was necessary to wear facial/base makeup. After sunscreen, I only applied concealer to a couple spots and the under-eye areas, and it looked perfectly fine. I know many people who use this technique. It’s not only good for saving time and making you look good, but it also gives your skin a break to breathe. But if your BB cream/foundation is buildable, concealer is optional 😉
  4. BB cream/Foundation
    If you have a lot of skin issues (e.g. hyperpigmentations, acne, acne scars, etc.), using only a concealer might not be possible. I’d recommend finding both a good BB cream and a foundation that matches your skin tone and type. There will be times when your skin issues get better; then, I’d recommend you to wear something light like BB cream. It won’t give much coverage, but you don’t want to always wear heavy foundation that cakes up when your skin only needs light coverage. And when you really do need more coverage, wear foundation. If you have pretty clean/nice skin, sticking with BB cream will be good enough.
  5. Mascara/eyeliner
    I put these in one category, but yes, you do need both. But when you’re super busy, you probably won’t have time to draw precise eyelines or wear mascara. At those times, I usually do only one of these. It really depends on your preference and makeup style, but most of the time, one might be good enough. (Remember, this is for busy school days when you don’t have time to put on much makeup.)
  6. Lip stick/gloss/tint
    There are tons of lip products out there that work amazingly, so it really depends on your personal preference/make up styles. But I’d recommend you to carry no more than 4 lip products at once: One good lip balm (that’s really good at moisturizing), 2 of your favorite lip colors (for point makeups), 1 natural lip color for any purpose (multipurpose, works with any makeup for any occasion). It would be a huge plus if one of these lip products can also be used as a blusher. If you have extremely dry lips like I do, I’d recommend you to carry lip tints/stains instead of lipsticks. You can apply lip tints or lip stains even on your chapped lips without causing them to become flaky, because the product will just soak in. Though lipsticks are very hydrating, it will more likely cause your dried lips to become chapped. Also, lip tints are easier to use as blusher too.
  7. Q-tips
    If you are rushing when applying eyeliner or mascara, you might make mistakes, and I know how embarrassing those are. But don’t rub with your hands. The skin around your eyes are very sensitive, you want to be gentle with them. If you tend to wear a lot of eye makeup in general, carrying around q-tips will be very helpful. I got a sample of Clinique’s eye makeup remover last year, and its height is about the same as the length of q-tips. After I used it up, I cleaned it and used it as a container for q-tips.
  8. Oil Blotting Sheets
    I personally don’t use this much except on really hot summer days, because I have extremely dry skin with almost no excess oil. But if excess oil is your main concern, carrying around blotting sheets will be very very helpful.
  9. Powder
    I also don’t use powder much, because again, I have extremely dry skin, so I don’t have oil to control….. Powder could be more useful than oil blotting sheets at fixing makeup. Especially when you want to have light coverage as well as controlling oil.
  10. Sunscreen
    Is there anything that’s more important than a sunscreen? I don’t think so. Especially if you are a college student, you will walk around on campus constantly and will be exposed to sun more than what you expect. Wearing enough sunscreen will be the best way to keep your skin healthy.
  11. Eye shadows/palette
    You don’t have to put on multiple eye shadow colors and perfectly blend them out to look gorgeous. Sometimes, just keeping everything simple will make you look chic, classy, and glam. If you already have several single shadows, carrying those with you will be great. If you prefer carrying around a palette, that’s fine too. But most palettes are pretty big and even include colors that you’ll barely use. My recommendation is to stick with the nudes. It does sound simple, but when you actually go to a store, you might not know what to pick beccause there are so many options. These are the colors that will be most useful: nude/beige (for a base), brown, and dark brown. Light pink and gold will also be good picks. These two could be used as a base, but they can also be used on their own.
  12. Blusher/Bronzer/Highlighter
    I personally think these are optional, but again, it depends on your personal makeup style. I do have favorite blushers, but when I’m running out of time, I usually use lip tints. Also, I still haven’t found a good highlighter for dry skin. I use a shimmering BB cream for that purpose. I got a sample of shimmering BB cream and I realized that it has too many shimmers to wear over my whole face. So, I use it as a highlighter and it works amazingly. I’ll do a review of it soon 😉 I do use bronzer, but not on a daily basis. So, I personally don’t carry it around. But if shading is one of your biggest concerns, pick a bronzer that’s highly pigmented and soft so you don’t have to carry a brush around and are able to apply it with your fingers.


I hope this super duper long post willl help you pick the right products for school!

Have a great school year, and make sure you enjoy every single moment!

and Stay BeYOUtiful 😉

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